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Tag Archives: Haemorrhoids

Autumn begins… with piles!

As the autumn begins, we come to remember the good times we have had during the summer. As it should be, with summer it came a good dose of relax, as well as plenty of food and fun activities. More often than not, we tend to exceed in all of these, especially when it comes […]

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This Autumn, go with Prunes and Sloes!

Prunes and sloes are the kind of sweet and sour fruits that, although coming from different plants, they have got basically the same nutritious content: both fruits are rich in vitamins A, B, C as well as minerals like calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. Prunes and sloes are made up of 87% water. This not only […]

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Is Your Job Increasing Your Risk Of Piles?

Every profession has its pros and cons, and we all do our best to properly manage all the different aspects related to our working environment. Working is an important part of everyone’s life, which can bring about a great sense of achievement. Nevertheless, certain types of jobs and poor working habits may also lead to […]

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Patients now able to Manage Health Records Online–Like Internet Banking

An official report sets out how patients would be able to view their health records online by 2018 in an effort to make the health service a “digital pioneer”. A new strategy will see NHS set up its own ‘app store’, endorsing programmes to help people lose weight, exercise more and monitor health conditions. Plans […]

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