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Will an Internal or External Haemorrhoid require Haemorrhoid Treatment?

Haemorrhoids are caused when a blood vessel is restricted and starts to swell. Haemorrhoids can range from painless to almost unbearable – they also come in various sizes and can be found in various places. Internal haemorrhoids are found in the anal canal. Those who suffer from internal haemorrhoids may experience little to no symptoms and are able to go about their daily routine. External haemorrhoids, however, can more painful. Will an internal or external haemorrhoid require haemorrhoid treatment?

External haemorrhoids tend to be the most painful. They become easily irritated because they lie around the outside of the anus. When irritated they are likely to bleed, become itchy and painful. If the blood pools within and external haemorrhoid then you will be in severe pain due to the swelling and inflammation. External haemorrhoids are likely to need haemorrhoid treatment due to their painful nature.

The haemorrhoid treatment you decide to choose should be based on how severe you feel your haemorrhoid is or how often you suffer from them. The types of haemorrhoid treatments out there range from simple medical creams to surgical options. If you are suffering from a painful external haemorrhoid, that just won’t disappear, surgical haemorrhoid treatment may be the most effective option.

Here at The Haemorrhoid Centre, we offer the new innovative surgery, the THD procedure. Why is this haemorrhoid treatment more effective than others? Firstly, postoperative complications are kept to the minimum due to the non-invasive nature of this surgery. This is because the haemorrhoidal tissue isn’t cut, only the arteries supplying the blood to the vessel are. This also means that most patients can resume their normal routine within 24 – 48 hours.

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