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Is Your Summer Diet Giving You Piles Symptoms?

We all want to look good during summer time, especially if we are jetting off on a much-anticipated summer vacation. Scrolling the internet for the best diet tips and tricks, used by the hottest of celebrities is a major part of our holiday prep. There are hundreds, even thousands, of diets out there claiming to help us lose those extra pounds in just a short while. For some of us, they may help us lose those extra pounds, but you may start to feel uncomfortable, itchy and in pain. Is your summer diet giving you piles symptoms?

Firstly, let’s talk about green tea. Green tea has been adopted by fitness fanatics and Instagram influencers alike as one of the best ways to get your summer body. Green tea is known to speed up your metabolism and help with regular bowel movements, however, when drunk in excessive amounts, green tea can cause diarrhoea. Diarrhoea can cause piles symptoms by causing irritation to the veins in the wall of the rectum – causing them to swell and develop into piles.

Secondly, let’s discuss weight loss tablets. Weight loss tablets may seem like a great way to lose weight quickly and effortlessly, however, could this quick fix be causing your piles symptoms? The majority of these weight loss tablets are full of caffeine which can also lead to constipation and diarrhoea.  As mentioned earlier, constipation can lead to piles symptoms by irritating the veins in the wall of the rectum. The pressure placed on the veins, caused by constipation, can lead to piles symptoms. The pressure placed on the veins causes them to swell and develop until piles. Once these have developed into piles, you will suffer from itching, pain when going to the toilet and possibly the passing of blood.

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