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Staying on the toilet for too long – one of the leading causes of piles

In the UK, we’re busier than we’ve ever been. That means that there are very few points during the day when we get some time to ourselves, and it’s tempting to make the most of it when nature gives us the excuse. But did you know that spending too long on the toilet during a bowel movement is actually one of the leading causes of piles?

In this age of constant entertainment, any time away from a visual stimulus can seem like time wasted. That’s why so many of us take a smartphone or tablet to the toilet with us – there are even websites, like the brilliantly titled ‘Poop Fiction’, dedicated to entertaining us during that very situation. However, once you’ve become engrossed in an article or story, it’s tempting to stay until you’ve finished reading, even if that’s after you’ve finished your bowel movement, and that can lead to painful haemorrhoids.

This is because sitting, especially on toilet seats, increases the amount pressure that the veins around the anus have to withstand. This can cause the blood vessels to become inflamed and swollen, and bleed when irritated. There are several lifestyle factors that can contribute to this, including dietary choices, but one of the most common causes of piles is sitting.

Avoiding piles can start with simply leaving your smart devices out of the bathroom. Even if that doesn’t convince you, it’s more hygienic to keep them away. Plus, as anyone who’s ever dropped their phone into the toilet bowl will tell you, anything that you can do to avoid the risk your electronic devices becoming acquainted with the water is well worth doing!

If you think that you may be at risk of piles, or if you have them already, don’t despair! Get in touch with us so that you can find out about your options and how to treat haemorrhoids.

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