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Start Your Day the Right Way!

The thought of developing haemorrhoids is stressful enough. So we at The Haemorrhoid Centre want to provide you with a few alternatives you can begin to implement into your diet to potentially help keep your piles at bay.

There is nothing better than waking up on a cold wintery morning to that smell of freshly brewed coffee. However, caffeine actually poses a great threat to pile sufferers as it encourages the body to dehydrate, thus making your still a lot harder to pass.  So why not try fruit and herbal teas to give you that much needed morning lift. Furthermore, we recommend starting the day with the lighter option. However irresistible fried toast accompanied by bacon and lashings of hash browns and sausages may be, opting for fruit and vegetables such as spinach, oranges, peaches, and mushrooms can potentially reduce the symptoms while also helping to prevent the onset of piles. This is due to the recommendation to consume 20-30 grams of fibre a day, primarily down to the fact that fibre helps to pull water from the colon which in turn can make your stool softer and easier to pass. If you are currently suffering from haemorrhoids you could add a tablespoon of mineral oil to your morning granola and yoghurt to help lubricate the process even more.

Continuing with the lighter option, for lunch throwing a few seeds and nuts onto a salad can further increase your intake of fibre. Pairing that with a healthy portion of hummus can also be a great aid in softening stool as chickpeas are packed full of fibre and they happen to be the main ingredient in the middle eastern delight and with numerous variations in hummus recipes widely available, there has never been a better time to join the hype!

Moving towards the evening, if tucking into chips is your thing, try swapping it for a baked potato. (However, we must point out that most of the firer (2.2 grams) is actually contained in the skin) To accompany that freshly baked potato try adding a bean patty to your plate instead of your meat portion. Incorporating a variety of beans into your diet is a  great way to ensure you are consuming enough fibre while also getting that much-needed protein source.

While all these cannot cure haemorrhoids they can certainly aid relieving the pain and irritation that can cause. Want to learn more about available treatment options?  Get in touch with us here.

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