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Piles Exercises you can do this Bank Holiday

Piles are capable of ruining the most mundane of weekends – let alone a bank holiday! Piles are so common that in fact almost half of us will suffer from them in our lifetimes and can range from small and symptomless to large and severely painful. For those who lead active lifestyles especially, piles can really disturb your day to day routine. Whether running, lifting, or swimming find out what is the best piles exercise you can do this bank holiday – Not only good for piles but good for your heart rate too!

Did you know that regular exercise is a great way to avoid piles? Running, for example, as a piles exercise is a great way to encourage regular bowel movements. Regular bowel movements are vital in the fight against piles. When we go to the toilet and strain we are putting a lot of pressure on the blood vessels within the anus, it is this pressure which causes the vessels to swell and become piles. Another great reason running is a great piles exercise is that it encourages the stool to pass through the digestive system quickly. A hard stool is much harder to pass and also puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels within the anus, a stool which has passed through the digestive system quickly is still soft and will pass more gently.

Another piles exercise you could take part in this bank holiday is swimming. Swimming is the perfect piles exercise because it encourages blood circulation within the swollen vessels. Encouraging good circulation will stop the blood from pooling within the vessels and becoming more severe. It is important to remember that the breaststroke will be much more comfortable than the freestyle or backstroke. Another reason swimming is a great piles exercise is because of the soothing nature of the water – especially effective for those itchy painful piles.

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