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Personal Hygiene and Haemorrhoids

Maintaining personal hygiene is principal for the healing of haemorrhoids while also a great aid in preventing them developing in the first instance. However, keeping the anal area clean and reducing irritation and prospective complications is not the simplest of tasks.

As the tissue around the anus becomes inflamed and damaged it, in turn, becomes vulnerable to infection on account of the bacteria that is present in your stool. Once this occurs anal abscess can develop bringing with it severe pain and further health complications, such as anal fistulas. It is thought around 50% of patients will develop a fistula and as a result will require surgical intervention as they don’t  usually heal naturally.

However, there are measures we can all take that can greatly reduce the risk of haemorrhoids and fistulas occurring. Firstly, consider using hygiene products that are free from perfumed ingredients as they can all lead to further irritation to the delicate skin around your anus. We recommend witch hazel as a great natural alternative. Similarly using perfumed toilet roll is no go however nice it may smell. Douching solutions are also a product to try and avoid as they may also contain too much fragrance. Furthermore scrubbing while attempting to clean your anal area, can further inflame the tissue causing more irritation. Instead, bathing your rectum in water is a great and simple way to aid in keeping the area clean. If haemorrhoids are already present, then giving yourself a sitz bath is an increasingly popular method to provide relief from itching and severe pain. A sitz bath is a warm shallow bath that can be used for a myriad of reasons. In cases of haemorrhoids occurring, adding herbal additions to your bath can further relieve symptoms. These can include witch hazel, olive oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil.


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