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How to Avoid Piles this Summer

Summer – the time of year we have all been waiting for. The Sun is shining, BBQ’s are out, and for some of us, a summer vacation is just around the corner. What if this impending bliss, however, was ruined by piles? Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are blood vessels which have swelled inside the rectum. They can be very painful, itchy and uncomfortable – with over half of us likely to suffer from them in our lifetimes. Piles can be caused by any one of our bad habits ranging from a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and straining whilst going to the toilet. It might feel almost impossible to avoid steering clear of our bad habits during those summer months, with the dreaded piles seeming almost inevitable. Here’s how to avoid piles this summer.

Firstly, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water during hot weather when looking to avoid piles. Dehydration causes constipation, which is one of the leading causes of piles. Constipation makes going to the toilet difficult and forces you to strain. It is this straining which can lead to piles as it places a lot of pressure on the blood vessels and can cause them to swell. To avoid piles, consume the daily recommended intake of 8 glasses of water.

Another way to avoid piles this summer is by being conscious of the foods you are consuming. Eating too much red meat, such as beef, can lead to constipation because our stomachs find it difficult to digest. Red meat contains a high amount of iron, making your stools hard and difficult to pass. If you have plenty of summer BBQ’s coming up, and often suffer from piles, opt for white meat, fish or vegetable skewers to help avoid piles.

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