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Can yoga act as a relief from piles pain?

Did you know that over half of us will suffer from piles in our lifetimes?

Haemorrhoids are not life-threatening, however, they can be incredibly painful, itchy and a little bit embarrassing. The internet offers thousands of different treatment method for piles. The difficult bit? Finding a relief from piles pain to suit your routine. A few of your favourite exercises might however be off limits in the quest to find a relief from your piles, there’s one exercise which helps rather than hinders – yoga.

As well as helping to relax your mind and body, yoga can help to reduce pain from piles. The first yoga position you could try is referred to as the “Candle Pose”.

Firstly lay with your back on the yoga mat and lift your buttocks up in the air as far as you can making sure that your legs are as straight as possible. If you find this position difficult, you may want to use your arms for support. Once you feel confident that you are able to hold this position, do so for several seconds, and repeat 4 times. This is a great way ease piles within the rectal area as it allows the blood within the clots to loosen and begin moving freely.

The second position that can act as a relief from heamorrhoid pain is the “Matsya Asana” or as it’s commonly referred to as the “Fish Posture”. Similar to the candle pose the fish posture requires you to lie with your back against the yoga mat, this time, however, you will need to hold your knees within your hands and bend until the back of your calves are touching the back of your thighs. Now, arch your back while slowly lifting your chest, keeping this position for 30 seconds and repeating 4 times. This position can act as a relief from piles pain as it can open up any blockage within the body by relieving any congestion near the heart – it’s a great position to keep your heart functioning properly.

Remember, if you are suffering from piles it’s important to take your time when attempting any exercise and always consult your doctor.

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