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Avoid The Winter Pile Up

Scarlet and crimson leaves adorn the daily commute, the sweet aroma of cinnamon infuse the air. Winter is knocking on the door and as the nights grow longer our appetites grow stronger. As daily routines begin to become adorned with festive favorites, overindulgence is a must. While the cynical few out there say, all good things must come to an end. We disagree! So here are three tips you can begin to implement at home to help prevent inflammation of haemorrhoids and keep you singing along with Michael Bublé all season long.

Tip 1 – Keep hydrated

Tucking into your 5th helping of eggnog spare a moment for your hydration levels as alcohol can aid in the onset of haemorrhoids due to its diuretic properties. What this means is, alcohol dehydrates the body when consumed (a feeling we all know too well if you have experienced a hangover). Dehydration can aid in constipation adding undue pressure anal canal and pelvic veins. Which can swell the veins causing hemorrhoids to occur.  


Tip 2 – Fibre fuelled festivities

Tucking into your Christmas lunch, why not chuck another helping of brussels sprouts in the mix? While half of the population gasp, sprouts and its festive friend’s broccoli and peas are all high fiber foods which all aid in stool passing through the bowl with ease lessening the need to strain.


Tip 3 – Winter warmers

Shutting the door to cold outdoors. There is no better feeling, except sinking straight into a warm batch. Not only does this increase the blood flow which aids in speeding up the healing process it can also soothe irritation. If long warm baths are not your thing. Then we recommend a sitz bath, which is where the bathtub is filled with just 3-4 inches of water.

By adding ½ cup of Epsom salts to your batch you are aiding in increasing the relief of symptoms. Epsom salts contain magnesium which is widely known as a laxative. The warm water and the Epsom salts combine to relax the anal muscles and relieve the irritation around the anus.  


While all these measures cannot cure haemorrhoids they can certainly aid relieving the pain and irritation that can cause. Want to learn more about available treatment options?  Get in touch with us here.

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