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How to avoid undergoing piles treatment after Easter

Piles or haemorrhoids – whatever you like to call them, can really have a negative effect on our lives. Some of us may suffer from piles for many different reasons. We might have a bad diet, drink too much alcohol and not drink enough water, strain when going to the toilet and more. But how do we avoid doing this? The year is made of times when it would feel wrong not to gorge on all things bad for us. Christmas time is the time of year jam-packed with the booze filled Christmas parties, family events, catch-ups with friends and the tradition of eating so much you nearly pop. Times like this play havoc with our digestive systems and for some of us, it’s almost impossible to avoid piles. Easter is no exception – it’s a bank holiday filled with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and glasses of wine in the sun. With all this being traditional –  how do we prevent the need for a piles treatment after Easter?

Firstly whether you are in England or abroad if the weather is nice and you are planning on spending your Easter bank holiday soaking up the sun then remember to drink plenty of water. The daily recommended water intake is between 6-8 glasses, and if you are planning on drinking alcohol this Easter it is quite important that you stick to this. Not drinking enough may lead to you needing a piles treatment because when your body is dehydrated your stools become hard, making them difficult to pass without straining. Straining puts a lot of pressure on the blood vessels inside your rectum leading to piles. It’s important to stick to the daily recommended water intake all year round to reduce the chance of needing a piles treatment.

Secondly, when gorging on all those chocolate eggs, don’t neglect your fruit and vegetables. Eating plenty of fibre is vital to avoid piles treatment. Fibre is great for your digestive system and will stop you from becoming constipated. Constipation is one of the leading causes of piles, those who suffer from piles, as well as constipation, are likely to need a piles treatment due to their severity.

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