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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to avoid piles when travelling

There’s a number of different things that can ruin your travels – flight delays, lost luggage, forgotten passport, a fear of flying and a dirty hotel can all make you wish you had just stayed at home. However, something we do not expect our holiday to get ruined by is piles. Piles are swollen blood […]

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Could Smoking be the Cause of Your Bad Piles?

Piles can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable – half of us will have suffered from them in our lifetime. Our lifestyle plays a major role in whether or not you become a piles sufferer. A person who has a poor diet is likely to suffer from piles, the lack of fibre in their diet can […]

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Treating Piles as an IBS Sufferer

Piles can really make going about your daily life more difficult. Some of us may never suffer from piles, however there are those among us that regularly suffer from extremely painful, uncomfortable piles. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is similar. People shy away from discussing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, similar to the taboo of piles. This may […]

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Could mangoes act as an effective treatment for painful piles?

Half of us will have suffered from piles once in our lifetime. Piles are painful swellings found in or around the anal canal. A number of us may not suffer symptoms, however, when the blood supply to the blood vessels slows down, they can become incredibly painful, itchy and uncomfortable. Symptoms of piles may include […]

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