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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Can Piles Be Cured?

Can piles be cured? If you’re asking that question, then we’re guessing that you’re probably suffering from them right now. First of all, don’t worry. There’s no reason why your haemorrhoids shouldn’t be temporary, in fact they may naturally disappear eventually without any treatment. However, if your piles just don’t seem to be going away, […]

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Some Ideas For How To Deal With Piles

Piles are not fun and they’re most certainly not pleasant. Piles are swollen blood vessels which lie in or around the rectum. They cause their victim to experience extreme itching, irritation and pain around the anus. If you suffer from an external pile then you will experience an itchy or painful lump just outside your […]

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What can cause piles? 3 of the most common things that affect haemorrhoids

Discovering that you’ve got haemorrhoids is never a pretty process. Whether it started with a sharp pain when you sat down, or from finding blood in your stool, there’s one question that all new haemorrhoids-sufferers ask: “How did this happen?”. There are plenty of factors that are thought to increase your chances of getting piles. […]

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What’s the best diet for piles sufferers?

The food you eat has a massive effect on your body. That probably doesn’t come as a massive surprise, but you may not have realised that it’s a particularly pertinent issue when it comes to increasing or decreasing your risk of haemorrhoids. Too much of certain types of food is thought to be a big […]

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Need a treatment for internal piles?

If you’re enduring the discomfort and pain that comes part and parcel with having haemorrhoids, you’ll want to try all possible options to get rid of them. Sometimes, it’s as simple as making some small lifestyle changes, whether that’s adjusting your diet or getting a bit more exercise. It can even be as simple as […]

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