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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Bleeding From Piles? Don’t Sit On It.

There are some things in life that you’d just rather keep to yourself. While in most cases, this is completely understandable, sometimes the only way to fix a problem is to get help! That’s certainly the case if you’re experiencing bleeding from piles. It’s an embarrassing problem to have, but not one you should keep […]

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How to soothe piles at home

For some of us, piles are not always noticeable. It’s something that you may be able to take your mind off by concentrating on work or entertainment, or through physical activity. However, even in those cases, when you do become aware of them, haemorrhoids can make even the most simple day to day acts incredibly […]

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Why surgery for piles can be the best option

We all like a quick fix. In today’s busy society, with its hectic work and family schedules, the easiest option is often seen as best option. That’s true of health issues too – we often choose short-term fixes over long term solutions, but sometimes it’s better to take a long-term approach. This is something that’s […]

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Is your diet really just food for piles?

Food, glorious food. In a country like the UK, where we have an incredible amount of diverse culinary options ready for our consumption, it can be tempting to spend our days gorging ourselves on delicious treats from around the world. However, did you know that diet is thought to actually be one of the leading […]

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