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Monthly Archives: July 2016

How to ease piles in 4 easy steps

Having piles is horrible. It’s uncomfortable, painful and can ruin your day. However, you might not realise that there are loads of small changes you can make to your lifestyle to make it less likely. So, if you’re suffering from haemorrhoids, here’s how to ease piles in a few different ways. 1. Don’t Hold On […]

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What is the cause of piles?

A huge proportion of us will develop haemorrhoids at some point during our lifetime. But, for something so common, it’s surprising how little we know about how exactly they happen. So what is the cause of piles? What we do know is that they can be exacerbated by certain actions and lifestyle choices. We may […]

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When your bum piles on the pressure, it’s time to get checked out

There’s no two ways about it – having piles is a pain in the bum, both literally and figuratively! That’s why we’re here. We aim to not only provide the information that you need when you’re suffering from haemorrhoids, but also point you in the direction of real, effective care. We provide everything you need […]

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Why you should get your mild piles looked at

When people come to us for advice about haemorrhoids, it’s often because things have become so bad that the situation had become unlivable. We are, of course, happy to help out in those cases, but what we tend to find is that it’s something that could have been avoided if things had been caught earlier […]

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Is your personal hygiene regime helping or hindering your haemorrhoids?

Personal hygiene is big business these days. There are so many different products on offer, all claiming to bring you unbridled happiness through keeping you clean in new and interesting ways. While it’s never been easier to find information about the different ways you can stay clean on the outside, there isn’t much out there […]

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