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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Piles and Bowel Cancer – One huge reason to get your symptoms checked

Haemorrhoids are, of course, embarrassing. It’s a topic that it’s all too tempting to avoid talking about. In fact, we’ve dedicated our Don’t Sit On It campaign to helping people talk comfortably about the problem. However, you may not realise it but keeping your symptoms to yourself could have consequences worse than simply having to […]

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Piles In Pregnancy – What You Can Do About It

When you find out you’re pregnant, you naturally expect your body to go through some change. One change that you’re not often told about, though, is that over 1 in 10 women develop piles in pregnancy, and one in 5 do after giving birth. It may seem like the least of your trouble compared to […]

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Ouch! How to recover from a hard haemorrhoid

After a hard day, there’s nothing quite like taking the load off your feet and taking a seat. Unless, that is, a hard haemorrhoid is making its presence felt every time you recline into a chair. Not being able to get comfortable is an incredibly frustrating experience, and piles can make it happen all the […]

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What not to eat to avoid piles | Haemorrhoid Diet

If you’re worried about developing piles, you probably know what you should be eating. Conventional wisdom states that getting plenty of fibre, with fruits like prunes and dates often mentioned as part of the ‘Haemorrhoid Diet’. This makes sense, as fibre is really important in keeping your digestive system running smoothly. However, sometimes making a […]

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