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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Your digestive problems may be leading to haemorrhoids

Let’s face it, digestive problems are embarrassing. They cause all manner of social issues, from blaming the dog for the smell to having to come up with an excuse to leave the room for yet another toilet break. It’s tempting to keep them to yourself. But, if you want to get it sorted, then the […]

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How to cure piles? Start by getting the facts.

Wondering how to cure piles? If you’ve found your way to this blog, then chances are that you’re concerned about some symptoms that you’re experiencing. With any medical issue, it’s important to establish the facts. So, if you’re looking for the solution for how to cure piles, then making sure you’re as well informed as […]

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Sore Itchy Bum? It could be haemorrhoids.

Nobody likes to feel discomfort anywhere in their body, but some places are worse to feel pain in than others. We can put a headache to the back of our mind if we really need to, but if the discomfort is in your back passage, it can be difficult to ignore. When the act of […]

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