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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Piles – another reason to drink plenty of water

If there’s one thing that those of us in the UK know about keeping healthy, it’s that it’s important to drink plenty of water. It’s a fact that’s been drilled into us since an early age – and the number of glasses that we’re told to drink every day only seems to go up with […]

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Got an evening out planned? Keep your health in mind!

At the time of publishing this blog, it’s a Friday afternoon, and that means that many of us are starting to think about going out tonight. A Friday evening out on the town is something of a British institution, and while many of us have a great time, it’s not without its health risks. Some […]

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Got haemorrhoids? Try flushable wet wipes.

If you’ve found your way to this blog, then chances are you’ve had an uncomfortable experience on the toilet recently. You’re not alone, around half of people experience piles during some point in their life. It’s a condition that makes wiping particularly troublesome. Regular toilet paper can feel rough and scratchy, and can irritate haemorrhoids […]

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