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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Autumn begins… with piles!

As the autumn begins, we come to remember the good times we have had during the summer. As it should be, with summer it came a good dose of relax, as well as plenty of food and fun activities. More often than not, we tend to exceed in all of these, especially when it comes […]

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Four Autumn Fruits that will Prepare You for the New Season

As we all know, the transition from summer to autumn can have an impact on your mood and body. This is exactly the period when nature prepares for the arrival of the cold winter months: leaves falling from the trees, flowers starting to wither and temperatures beginning to lower. But do not despair! Autumn, this […]

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6 Tips That Will Get You Running!

Running! That’s the answer for those who want to stay fit without spending too much money and by retaining the freedom to choose when and where to do it. Did you know that a good run burns a lot of calories while simultaneously accelerates your metabolism and reduces stress and anxiety? Running also helps reducing […]

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