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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Don’t forget to exercise

Maintaining a good level of general fitness can help reduce your risk of developing haemorrhoids (piles) in the first place, or improve the effectiveness of haemorrhoid treatment. Exercise is an important factor in the prevention of piles. It has three main benefits; exercise prevents constipation, reduces blood pressure and helps to maintain or obtain a […]

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Eat right this Christmas

It is important to eat the right foods in order to maintain a healthy digestion and prevent piles. High- fibre foods are a very important part of this, especially during the festive season of overindulgence. Foods that are high in fibre include:  Fresh fruit and vegetables Wholegrain rice/pasta Pulses, beans and lentils Nuts and seeds […]

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Keep yourself hydrated

Over the next few weeks there will be plenty of reasons to go out with friends and family to celebrate the festive season by eating and most likely drinking more than normal. BUT it is more important then ever to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. We’ve put together  few tips to help you over the […]

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Pain free piles surgery

Dr Pasquale Giordano treated a grade 4 piles patient with the pain free piles surgery that won’t leave you incontinent. Joan Hand, who first developed piles six years ago, tried many existing treatments, including haemorrhoid creams, a high fibre diet and even an injection – but nothing was successful. Eventually, Joan was suffering so much […]

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