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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The fig: An unsung hero

The fig is an ancient fruit, referred to as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the Old Testament. We can see evidence of this fruit throughout history, even appearing in ancient Greek myths, with legends ranging from an erotic nature to the use of it in milk curdling. Even Plato, the great Greek philosopher […]

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Keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong

Are you looking for a way to improve your health on the inside as well as your shape on the outside? A lot of people have a passion for sport and a desire for fitness, both of which are key for taking care of our health. But one thing that people will often ignore, is […]

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Bowel cancer patients left undiagnosed for years

After being misdiagnosed with haemorrhoids for two years, Katie was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Her late diagnosis meant the cancer was already very advanced, having spread into her pelvis and lymph nodes. Despite treatment, the cancer spread further, and last September she was told that patients with cancer as advanced as hers aren’t expected to […]

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Piles Advice

“It’s like sitting on a spike” is how many sufferers describe the pain of piles. The whole area of the lower bowel is one of the most sensitive parts of the body with a high concentration of nerve endings which all help with the complex work of the bowel to react correctly. Piles are a […]

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