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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Way it Makes You Feel

Having piles is not life threatening but it can certainly take away your feel good vibe, and if you are experiencing a lot of bleeding, you might become anaemic which is a real energy sapper.  One area it really affects is your confidence. These are some of the comments I have heard: “Can’t wear white […]

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Trouble Down Under

Treatment for piles has certainly come a long way, especially when I think about three of my former bosses in the 1980’s and what they told me – no wonder they had to sit in big comfy chairs behind their desks. My Hong Kong boss spoke of his treatment which involved being knocked out for […]

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Talking Piles

Having piles can be a bit like having head lice – we know almost everyone can have them but when it happens to you it can be a bit of a horror story. There is a faint feeling of shame, you might feel unclean, but most of all you wonder why nature has singled you […]

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The Piles Chronicles

Want to get the inside scoop on piles? The Piles Chronicles is a series of thoughtful pieces gathered from phone calls and discussions about what it really is like to experience piles. Feel free to comment! It’s a Generational Thing Piles is an unfortunate affliction for a certain age of person, because if they are […]

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THC set to attend surgeon conference

The 2 day National Pelvic Floor Surgeon Conference is set to take place in Bristol, on the 10th – 11th October 2013. The THC team will be exhibiting their ‘DONT SIT ON IT’ campaign, aimed to break down barriers and remove stigma surrounding all things bums. They will be demonstrating their campaign work to colorectal […]

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Knowing your rights will help you get the best from the NHS. Find out what you can and should expect from the health service: As NHS patients, you have the right to take charge of what you get treated for. Everyone who is cared for by the NHS in England has formal rights to make […]

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