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Monthly Archives: June 2013


Certain foods in supermarkets already show how much sugar and salt they contain. Food labels sometimes also show how much of your daily intake you should have for things such as sugar and salt. Certain labels have a traffic light system, red amber and green, where red is a warning and mainly green means it […]

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A study has revealed that the nation is getting fatter, despite the healthy eating message sinking in. Researchers found that an average person eats 600 fewer calories each day than 30 years ago, but weighs more. Although sweets and takeaways have been ditched for healthier options, it is said that the main cause of the […]

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NHS Choose and Book system based on flight bookings

The e-referral system for choose and book is based on the system design of flight bookings, which will be easier to use – in order to encourage GPs to use the system, NHS England has said. NHS England said the system will not be compulsory for GPs, but they will take up its use as […]

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New Advances in Bowel Health

  This week the Channel 4 programme Embarrassing Bodies addressed bowel health issues.   They state more than 1 in 10 of us will have medical problems to do with bottoms.   Problems include Ulcerative Colitis – a painful inflammation which can lead to an increased risk of bowel cancer.   This can also be […]

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The Nation Views Piles on Embarrassing Bodies.

Piles was one of the topics that was broadcast last night during the Channel 4 show “Embarrassing bodies live from the clinic”; the patient shared their on-going problem of piles with the nation, with a hope in finding relief. The patient will be sent to a specialist, who will take a look at the piles […]

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Spire Healthcare has doubled sales of services to the NHS in the past five years, Spire employs 7,700 staff at 38 hospitals and currently has 11 clinics in the UK. They state that 23% of total sales in 2012 came from the NHS, up from 20 per cent in 2011 and double the proportion in […]

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