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Could Smoking be the Cause of Your Bad Piles?

Piles can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable – half of us will have suffered from them in our lifetime. Our lifestyle plays a major role in whether or not you become a piles sufferer. A person who has a poor diet is likely to suffer from piles, the lack of fibre in their diet can […]

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Treating Piles as an IBS Sufferer

Piles can really make going about your daily life more difficult. Some of us may never suffer from piles, however there are those among us that regularly suffer from extremely painful, uncomfortable piles. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is similar. People shy away from discussing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, similar to the taboo of piles. This may […]

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Could mangoes act as an effective treatment for painful piles?

Half of us will have suffered from piles once in our lifetime. Piles are painful swellings found in or around the anal canal. A number of us may not suffer symptoms, however, when the blood supply to the blood vessels slows down, they can become incredibly painful, itchy and uncomfortable. Symptoms of piles may include […]

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Pregnancy – a cause of piles in women

Having a child is one of life’s gifts. They say pregnancy, as a woman, is the biggest thing your body will go through but the most life affirming. For some women, though, pregnancy may not be as enjoyable as it should be. As well as feeling hormonal and tired, you may become a victim to […]

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Could a fibre filled diet be a permanent cure for piles?

Haemorrhoids may not be life-threatening but they can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and affect the way we go about our daily routine. Piles can be caused by our own bad habits – whether it’s your poor diet or lack of exercise. Imagine if there was a permanent cure for piles? Well, a fibre filled diet […]

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Could the office “coffee and cake” culture be the reason for your piles?

Recently its been in the news the dangerous effects the office “coffee and cake” culture can have on our teeth. Not only can too much caffeine and sugary snacks lead to rotting teeth and weight gain, but they also have a negative effect on your bowels. Could your routine be the reason for piles? For […]

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