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Is there such thing as Medicine for Piles?

Piles can come in all shapes and sizes. You could have a small pile which is hardly noticeable and disappears by itself, or you could have an extremely painful one negatively impacting your life. For small piles there are over-the-counter treatments available to help soothe the pain and itching. These remedies do not act as […]

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At Home Piles Treatments, are they always easier?

Piles are common – in fact so common that almost half of us will fall victim to them. Of course, you get the symptoms and when it gets a little too much we head to the pharmacy and get ourselves an at home piles treatment. Most common piles will heal on their own, but an […]

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The Old & New Advances in the Treatment of Piles

Piles – the embarrassing illness that really is a pain in the bum. Although the majority of the time they are a relatively small problem, they can soon become extremely irritating, painful and have a gravely negative effect on your life. Methods for the treatment of piles have drastically improved and, let’s just say… became […]

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How to reduce piles without leaving the house

Here at The Haemorrhoid Centre, we have made it our aim to help out with haemorrhoids in any way we can. Often, that means referring piles sufferers to trained professionals who can take action to remove haemorrhoids surgically. However, we also know that the surgical option isn’t for everyone – in less severe cases it’s […]

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How to stop your small piles from becoming a big problem

Piles are extremely common, in fact about 50% of us will experience them in our lifetime. The majority of us will suffer from relatively minor, small piles which will eventually clear up by themselves. Small piles are not usually painful and often people do not realise they are suffering from them. However your small piles […]

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Can Piles Be Cured?

Can piles be cured? If you’re asking that question, then we’re guessing that you’re probably suffering from them right now. First of all, don’t worry. There’s no reason why your haemorrhoids shouldn’t be temporary, in fact they may naturally disappear eventually without any treatment. However, if your piles just don’t seem to be going away, […]

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