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Could a fibre filled diet be a permanent cure for piles?

Haemorrhoids may not be life-threatening but they can be extremely painful, uncomfortable and affect the way we go about our daily routine. Piles can be caused by our own bad habits – whether it’s your poor diet or lack of exercise. Imagine if there was a permanent cure for piles? Well, a fibre filled diet […]

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Could the office “coffee and cake” culture be the reason for your piles?

Recently its been in the news the dangerous effects the office “coffee and cake” culture can have on our teeth. Not only can too much caffeine and sugary snacks lead to rotting teeth and weight gain, but they also have a negative effect on your bowels. Could your routine be the reason for piles? For […]

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Internal Piles vs External Piles – What is the difference?

Piles are one of those embarrassing things – although we know many of us suffer from them, we still hate talking about them. There are so many different names for them too – they’re called haemorrhoids (their given name), ‘hemmies’ and ‘‘roids’, but most commonly, though, you’ll hear about ‘internal’ and ‘external’ piles. So what’s […]

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A piles operation may not be as scary as you think…

There’s a big taboo surrounding piles. They are painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing – and discussing them with others can feel even more awkward. It is easy to forget that about 50% of us will experience them in our lifetime. If you’re suffering from recurring piles then you probably need to change your diet and banish […]

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Piles disease is a myth, but bowel cancer is not.

Piles are incredibly common, in fact even bleeding from your bottom isn’t always piles. A lot of the time, what you believe to be piles is just a simple cut or irritation. However, it is fairly common for those who suffer from piles to ignore the signs and brand it as ‘nothing’. Piles are caused […]

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Christmas – What are the best foods for piles?

Ah Christmas – that glorious time of year that’s filled with office parties, family dinners and engaging in all forms of overindulgence where possible. Hey ho, why not? It’s Christmas after all! However if you are a piles sufferer it is still just as important to remember all of those foods for piles prevention, even […]

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